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About Hypnotherapy & Counselling

People come into Hypnotherapy & Counselling for many reasons. They come because they are seeing behaviour in themselves that they have not experienced before. Or they don’t like the way they are reacting to their partner in a negative way, or the general public.

They come because they are feeling mentally unsettled. There are issues that are going on in their life that are causing them to feel a disruption within; in their soul or mind they are unhappy. Possibly they are going down the route of depression or feeling anxiety about something they are about to face. Or they are overstressed.

Its not a sign of weakness to come for Hypnotherapy or Counselling infact it’s the very strong ones that come because it can be very demanding. You are giving up time and you’re actually committing that time to yourself and making yourself hopefully feel better through this process.

"My first session was bit of a blur – I had no idea what to say. I think I mainly just cried and apologised! But it got easier over time when I realised that my counsellor wasn't going to laugh at me or tell me to go away."

"Feeling a range of Emotions"

It's common to feel a range of emotions after a session. For example, you might come out of your session feeling:

*Relieved, if you've shared something important and felt heard and understood.
*Energised, if you've started to understand something new about yourself or set yourself a new goal to work on
*Exhausted, if you've found the session challenging or hard work
*Frustrated, if you didn't get what you wanted out of your session or haven't felt heard or understood
*Upset or overwhelmed, if the session has brought up very painful or difficult memories or feelings.

I always feel that people are like an onion. We slowly peel back each layer of the onion, get to the core, and then are able to lift ourselves and to feel that we are a good solid person. We then are able to project that, and happy people attract happy people.

When we put out that pleasantness to the world we can actually receive it back. And when we have a good self-esteem this is what happens. We learn all this in the Therapy room.

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I offer face to face, short term and open ended Psychotherapy / Counselling to Adult & young people. I can also offer on line Counselling via Video link.
An area of particular interest to me is the Psychology of attachment, early trauma and the role of loss and how these may continue to impact upon the present. Psychotherapy / Counselling can often help make sense of early experiences and relationships and how they are connected to the difficulties and insecurities we face today.
It is important for a person to choose a Psychotherapist / Counsellor they feel comfortable with, someone who works in ways that will meet their individual needs.

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Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling / Therapy, provides couples with a safe place for both partners to express themselves. The neutrality of the Therapist can enable the couple to look at their relational needs and uncover the unacknowledged emotions and interactional patterns causing them both distress

Common reasons couples come for Couples Counselling / Therapy

To improve or develop the relationship
To make decisions about the relationship
To separate

The general difference in Couples Counselling / Therapy is:- The work is usually short term 2 -6 sessions. The Therapist is more proactive and directive. Relational exercises between sessions (where relevant).

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Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, brought about through relaxation, concentrated attention and suggestion, there is nothing magical or mysterious about it and it is TOTALLY safe and natural. People enter the state of hypnosis several times a day without even trying or realising.

A good example of this is whilst driving.
Have you ever had that feeling... "Am I here already! I don't remember going through those lights - or round that roundabout?"
Also Daydreaming is another good example.

Hypnotherapy can help you with a range of conditions:

reducing anxiety and stress
improving sleep
gaining confidence
improving stress related conditions
establishing positive goals
weight management
overcoming fears and phobias
smoking cessation
and much more...

You can feel safe and reassured that you don’t have to dwell on past traumas or experiences in order to feel better.

Although I do acknowledge present problems and past causes, I will explore your current situation and future hopes, which will help you to look forward and use your own strengths to feel calmer, happier and more confident to achieve your goals and create your positive future.

It’s a natural and gentle way to help overcome all kinds of emotional and stressful issues. Helping you to focus on solutions and how and where you want to be, rather than talking or dwelling on the past. Using practical, modern and well researched strategies to help you make significant and positive changes in your life.

"Release the Past & Create your positive Future"

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Sessions are available...
Monday - Friday
1030am - 7pm

£60 per 1 hour session for Individuals and Young People Counselling
£80 per 1 hour session for Couples

£125 per session Hypnotherapy
£225 Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy
£165 Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

If you would like a free telephone consultation to chat about how i can best help you, then please ring on 07745 574945 or
just CLICK HERE to send me an email.

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