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I Cannot tell you how good this feels!!
So glad I had hypnosis with Danni Hutchings for my fear of flying. Just had a return trip with no anxiety.
Felt a bit nervous before getting the plane out in case the anxiety kicked in but it never did. So for the first time in over a decade on the return flight I didn't speak to the pilot before take off. There was a bumpy period and whilst I was aware of it I wasn't scared, like I just knew it was OK and I didn't need to worry.
I cannot tell you how good it feels!
Kelly Nov 2022 facebook review

Best Hypnotherapy in Nottingham

Helped me in ways that I couldn’t have even imagined!!
I went to see Danni around 7 months ago initially to address panic attacks that I had started having again frequently, but she helped me in ways that I couldn’t have even imagined, in addressing deep rooted self confidence issues that were manifesting as anxiety in so many different areas of my life. I haven’t had a single panic attack since finishing my sessions with her!! Danni is the warmest, kindest, most genuine and non- judgmental person I could’ve hoped to have as a hypnotherapist , and her general positive energy and advice helped improve my self esteem and confidence as well as the hypnotherapy itself, she could put anyone at ease and make them feel comfortable. The sessions completely changed my life and I recommend to anyone who has been considering it not to wait any longer ! I’m so grateful!! Erin Hanna Google Jan 2022

I Feel like a New Person!!
I went to Danni for help with anxiety during my teacher training year. I had been trying therapy previously for the past six months and nothing seemed to make it better. Danni was amazing from the start, she made me feel comfortable and heard. We started hypnotherapy after my second visit and it started to work straight away. I could tell that my usual triggers were not making me anxious and she helped me through some tough moments in the next six sessions. I feel like a new person and I would recommend hyno and Danni to anyone.
Sophie Taylor Google Sept 2021

Danni has been amazing!!
Having quite a long history of depression and quite a short history of anxiety this is the first time I've 'had' hypnotherapy. Danni has been amazing and helped me so much. I'm back at work, which I really didn't imagine would happen, and I know that if I need help in the future she'll be there to help without reservation.
Harriet Turner Google July 2021

Changed my life!!!
I’d never tried hypnotherapy before but I’m so happy I did as it has changed my life. Danielle has been amazing and from the first session I have noticed such a change in my anxiety and general well-being, that I wish I’d done this years ago.
I’ve had a few sessions now and really feel as though I am changed for life. I cannot thank Danielle enough, I was a nervous, anxious person before I began this process and she has helped me develop into a logical, practical person who no longers worries or is anxious about irrelevant things. I have a new lease of life now. CC Jan 19 (Yell.com reviews)

Dsh Therapy feed back!!
I must say am very impressed with my therapy I went from being very low suffering with anxiety and depression after a few sessions started to feel positive more up beat and happy with myself .Danielle Hutchings was very understanding she took her time with me explained what to expect I just can't believe to start with I was a very nervous person at the start and now have a spring in my step once again .Thank u Danielle I will recommend you to my family and friends excellent service . JB Sept 18 (Yell.com reviews)

Number one hypnotherapy in Nottingham!!
Absolutely amazing. Went to see Danielle with anxiety issues and she's totally turned my life around. Friendly, understanding and professional. I would recommend to anyone DW Sept 18 (Yell.com reviews)

Hypnotherapy for underarm sweat!!
Danielle has been working with me recently with my underarm sweat issues that I believe to have been caused by anxiety. And I am pleased to say she has helped me a lot over 5 sessions and I have seen results after the 3rd session I had a whole day without any sweat under my arms and has made me a lot more confident to buy clothes that arnt just black or white so I don’t feel I need to hide it anymore.
DN Aug 18 (Yell.com reviews)

Danni is an amazing, caring and compassionate woman!!
I have used DSH Therapy for a couple of months now. Danni is an amazing woman. She is a kind, caring and compasionate counsellor and hypno therapist. She takes the time to listen to your needs/problems and goes over and above to help. The cost of both hypno and counselling sessions are definately worth it and the results you see (in yourself and mental health) are outstanding. I can't thank Danni enough for what she has done for me over the last few weeks.xx
CH July 18 (yell.com review)

Best Hypnotherapy in Nottingham

Recommend her to anyone!
I came to Danni with some clear goals. I wanted to feel happier and more positive with my life. Danni helped me work towards this in a number of sessions and supported me throughout the journey, working closely with me, as I learnt about myself and my needs. Some months on, I am a different person and hypnotherapy convert. I am totally grateful for her help and would recommend her to anyone who needs support with life.
(Email from client Oct 2019)

Highly Recommend!! Danny is really nice I have had excellent experience and results form doing the hypnotherapy it has really helped me progress and achieve what I wanted out of it, I highly recommended it as it is good well Tailored to your needs and is flexible for work. N Cole

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Excellent Therapist!
Danni is a very understanding and highly professional therapist. Danni helped me a lot to find myself again after going through a rough time in my life after which I lost my faith and confidence and suffered from anxiety. She helped me speak out my mind and carefully found the root of the problem and gradually helped me get out of my anxiety and then to gain my confidence back. I felt like a huge blockage was cleared up from my mind. She is very patient and listens with no judgement and confidently help you find yourself. She has a very calming and soothing voice that will instantly put you to relaxation and trance, making it easy to receive the hypnotic suggestions. Above all Danni has a very positive and bubbly personality and I am very glad to have found her and to receive help from her.

Anxiety/fear of flying
Danni is a very friendly person who makes you feel comfortable to talk to. She’s understanding of your issues and always goes out of her way to help anencephaly support you. I can’t thank her enough for how much she’s helped me. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Best Hypnotherapy in Nottingham

Hypnotherapy stop smoking
The whole experience was Fantastic and the overall results were great for me.
I attended a stop smoking session and I haven't looked back it's wonderful.

Overcome Anxiety
Thankyou for helping me overcome my anxiety, I feel so much better.
I would recommend Danielle she is friendly professional and she listens.
Thanks again so much

Hypnotherapy stop smoking The whole experience was Fantastic and the overall results were great for me. I attended a stop smoking session and I haven't looked back it's wonderful. JamesW

Getting to the root cause
Very easy going, compassionate and result oriented person. She instantly put you at ease. She was able to help me getting to root cause and move forward. I would highly recommend Danni as she was extremely helpful in overcoming my anxiety. Mohammed 2021

Life changing.
Danni helped me to be able to find self-validation and confidence that I had been struggling with all my life. She guided me to find the real issues and in addition to the hypnotherapy sessions that embedded recognition of my sekf worth deeply, gave me tools to use on an ongoing basis. So lucky and glad I found her to help! helen 2021

The Perfect Choice
Danni, was brilliant from start to finish. She helped me recover from a dark time. It's so important to have people to listen and Danni was the perfect choice. I also tried the hypnotherapy, starting from sceptical point of view I'm now a beleiver. Can't recomend Danni enough. Thanks again P) Pete 2021

Best Hypnotherapy in Nottingham

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